The Future of the Library


Following the death of Ernest Tomlinson in 2015 it became clear that the library will not be able to stay in its current location indefinitely. The Tomlinson family are firmly and wholeheartedly behind the continuance of the library, but have to be realistic.

The current premises are jointly owned by several family members, and it is highly likely will have to be sold in the next few years. Consequently, the LMS is looking for alternative accommodation to ensure the future of the library. The library will continue to function in its present home until alternative arrangements are made.

What are the aims for the LMS library?

  1. A building to house this most valuable resource and preserve it for future generations.
  2. At least one member of staff to administer the library.
  3. The continuance of the availability of the music for orchestras to use.
  4. Complete cataloguing of the collection.
  5. Eventual digitising of the collection. 
  6. Making the archive material available for educational research.


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