Meet Helen

“I have been a volunteer with the Library of the Light Music Society since I took early retirement about 8 years ago. Over that time I have seen many changes, the biggest being the relocation of the library from Longridge to Long Preston.

My primary role is to provide sets of music requested by our members for their orchestras to perform. This generally means hunting through our catalogues and many uncatalogued collections to find the music and then compile it into sets for sending out. One advantage of moving to Long Preston is that the music is now all readily accessible and I no longer have to walk the plank or hunt in the rafters of the barn to locate it!

No two days are the same. Music requests come from all over the UK and sometimes from Europe or even further afield.

As an orchestral player myself, it is always interesting to see what music is being played from the light music to classical repertoire. We also get requests for rogue parts to complete members’ own collections. This can often be a challenge to find some of the more obscure pieces.

We are a friendly, easy going, team working together to further the awareness of our collection for all orchestras and to promote the wider objectives of the Light Music Society.”

Meet David

“I started volunteering at the Light Music Society in late 2018 because I am a keen musician and enjoy the style of music the Society represents. 

I help with the issuing and returning of music to orchestras, support the development of the Society, now being a Trustee and find it fascinating looking at and discovering new works and composers from such an interesting time in musical and social history.  The Library has such an extensive collection of music and I find it fascinating learning its history.

I usually attend the Library one day a week and because I am a trustee, am developing marketing plans and other ideas to increase the footprint of the Society to help it become an even more successful community of musical interest.

I would recommend anyone with a broad interest in music, to volunteer for the Society. You don’t’ need to be a musician, just a passion for music and history.”

Meet Julie

“As a very new volunteer I’ve been helping to fold magazines and prepare them for posting. It’s a great atmosphere, with tea and jaffa cakes (thanks David) on tap, and I learn something new every visit! Looking forward to the next time…”