The deadline for submissions to the monthly newsletter is the
FIRST FRIDAY of each month.

The deadline for the WINTER MAGAZINE is November the 15th. However, you are still warmly encouraged to send articles for the Spring edition!

Submissions are welcome any time.

Your articles, reviews, comments and points of interest are needed; this is your magazine, so your input is essential. Please note that ALL articles submitted will be subject to editorial review in accordance with the submission guidelines:


The submission of articles and features is always welcome from members – you will note the various features on light music and broader themes in the current edition.
All material submitted must be factually accurate to the best of your knowledge.
It is the author’s responsibility to fact check their own articles and carry out any corrections.
 Please do NOT send articles in draft form.
Space is at a premium in our magazine, therefore our guidelines are as follows:

· Short article around 500 words

· A feature (a double-page) around 1000 words. Please note that if your article is longer than this, it WILL need to be cut down.

· For a CD review, we would ask for a maximum of 700 words. CD reviews should include notes on the performance and product and, if necessary, some background on the music.

Please send all submissions as an MS Word document (as .doc or .docx). Pictures are best as jpeg files. Pdfs are not as good, as information can’t easily be lifted from them. Please do not use double spaces between words or lines as this creates formatting problems!

Send to info.lightmusicsociety@gmail.com

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