Michelle Jenkins 1929 – 2019

I first met Michelle in 1989 when she was coaching the flute section of the Brighton Youth Orchestra. I was looking for a new flute teacher and she was happy to take me on. I went onto study music at Royal Holloway and The RNCM and now work as a professional flautist in London, across the UK and abroad. An opportunity arose in 2001 for me to audition for the position of principal flute of the Coldstream Guards Band and I figured that if it was  good enough for her teacher Geoffrey Gilbert (during his National Service) then it was definitely good enough for me! I am still in that job and pursue a full career with the band as well as performing internationally, chamber music, teaching and coaching. I have always remained in contact with Michelle, speaking at least once a month and exchanging frequent letters and cards and and visits when I was in the area. I even sent her nearly every solo concert programme I’d done which she would methodically go through and comment on. She was always so supportive of me and I thought of her as my mentor, with whom I shared what I was doing and asking for advice when needed! She was so kind and interested in what I was doing.
In 2018 she very kindly told me she was leaving her beautiful Lois Lot flute to me, and wanted me to have it then. I had it restored and took to show her as a surprise with a photo of it and a detailed description of what was done, which she could keep.
I have since played Debussy’s Syrinx on it in recitals and lecture recitals. It is a beautiful instrument which I hold dearly, as well as the memories of such a lovely beautiful person who has had such an influence in my musical life for the past 30 years. She was always positive and wrote me such lovely letters.
I last saw Michelle on 26 September in Lewes where I was performing a lunchtime concert with the Hilser Trio, and I dedicated the Damase Sonata to her. I then spoke to her on Christmas Eve to wish her a Happy Christmas. I miss her so much.
– Rachel Smith

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  • Janna Ewen says:

    Hello. Just by chance I came across this sad, sad news- news to me though Michelle passed on two years ago now.
    I had lost touch with her for a very long time and although remembering her and wondering how she was, I left it too late to try to get in touch. (This is the second time this has happened to me- will I ever learn?)
    She was my teacher and friend and mentor when I was at Reigate County School and I could never begin to describe her kindness and support when I was going through a very sad time. We spent so many late evenings playing piano duets, or her playing flute and me accompanying her on piano. What a beautiful, kind woman
    I wish I had been able to thank her more recently .

  • Julio Robertson says:

    I’m vey saddened to learn of the passing of Michelle Jenkins , Michelle taught me to play violin in the early 70’s at her home in Ovingdaen East Sussex , Michelle had great hopes for me to continue violin , however in my teenage years I had sadly chosen not to continue violin . We kept contact until 1997 , when Michelle moved to Seaford we gradually lost contact . I hope that Michelle’s son David Jenkins is well , both Michelle and David was incredibly kind and such wonderful people , Michelle provided a huge positive influence in my life , I will forever hold such wonderful memories of Michelle Jenkins , Michelle was a truly remarkable & wonderful woman .