A Little Light Music with the Hornby Singers

by Lesley Joyce (Choir Member)

UPDATE: This fundraiser concert reviewed here raised a total of £262 for the Light Music Society!

As I write this dear readers I am taking a brief break from packing my case to go on an extended holiday taking in Japan and the Alaska and British Columbia. Amidst all the list making of essentials to take there is one thing that will need no prompts or reminders for me; that of the new friends I have made since joining the Hornby Singers. I was one of three people who joined on the same evening just a few weeks ago. I soon learnt that after just a few rehearsals I was to be part of  a concert performance of light music. It is true that I am a music reader so that was of great help to me in learning 20 pieces of music to present to the local community in the Hornby Institute on 13th April, but there is in fact no need to read music as the parts are taught by ear by the cheerful  and committed  musical director Dan Adams. Led and greatly encouraged by Dan, I am beginning to realise what a huge repertoire the choir have and each new piece of music presented is clearly approached with great enthusiasm by the choir members.

The concert was clearly well received and rightly so as everyone taking part gave of their best and sung their hearts out. Some of the pieces were very familiar to the audience whilst others needed a little schooling from Dan posing as Professor Slavedriver to fully appreciate the humour as we sang about musical terminology. Lots of the tunes we performed were popular in their day and will go on and on especially if they are kept alive by similar groups of dedicated singers. From the ever popular and highly emotive ‘Send in the Clowns’ to the witty song about a waltzing cat, the songs bridging the gap between mainstream popular music and the full strength German Lieder have left me with snatches of tunes happily playing and replaying in my mind.

Professor Slavedriver whips the choir into shape!

Whilst I wouldn’t for one moment want to miss my upcoming adventure, I am looking forward to some fresh challenges when I return in June to the weekly practices on Tuesday evenings at Hornby Institute. The choir meet there each week from 7pm-9pm with a break for a cup of tea or coffee  and biscuit. They have certainly made me very welcome and I would recommend to anybody who has a desire to take up singing or to resume singing to come along and join in the fun.

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