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Children's Christmas Concert The Snowman

9 December 2017, 16:00

Event type: Concert

Performers: Bristol Millenium Orchestra

Family Concert for all ages, lasting around an hour, starting at 4pm.

The concert is specifically designed to be child friendly, so all ages can come – including very little ones. 

It should last about 60 mins, and includes some nice short pieces of famous classical or film music, plus the Snowman with narrator (and children's choir), and a short blast from each of the instruments in the orchestra.

150 seats only.

Tickets: £5 (Adults & Children over 5), Family ticket (4 tickets) - £17.50p Under 5s - free

Venue: Bradbury Hall Henleze

For further information and tickets:
Phone: 0117 962 3431

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December 2017

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